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Is there a Premade Logo in my shop that you really like and are drawn to, but it just needs a revision to make it perfect for you? Add this listing to your cart with the logo you want revised/changed to request revisions to a premade logo.

I can also combine elements from one logo and add them to another logo.


*Adding a design element such as: a Truck, Barn, Dog/Cat, Heart, an Arrow, Flowers, a Watercolor Pplash behind the logo

*Removing a design element such as: Removing antlers, you just want the flower posie, removing an arrow or heart.

*Replacing an element: Switching out one set/color of flowers for another, replacing the lipstick/make up elements with sewing elements, etc, adding different items to the bed of a truck.

Have questions if what you want is possible for a revised logo? Send me an email and tell me what your ideas are. :)

There are instances when I will advise that the amount of changes you are requesting are too many, essentially making it so that the more than 40% of the logo is being changed. That would then be considered a "Custom Logo". I only take a few custom orders a year when time allows - so if you are questioning edits - let's chat first!


Add this listing to your cart.

Next, select the premade logo in the shop that you would like to order. Place that logo in your cart. Do not just purchase this listing.

In your order notes, tell me specifically which design elements you would like changed or added to the premade logo that you are purchasing.

You will have three (3) rounds of revisions. If you require more revisions, there is an extra design fee of $25 per another 3 revisions.

If you have any font preferences, please let me know what you would like.

Please note my current processing times are 5-7 business days.

Request Edits/Changes to a Pre-Made Logo

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