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I'm Michelle and I founded MLA Designs back in 2009 with a desire to create custom, feminine, beautiful graphics, logo designs and invitations that are affordable.


Designing graphics is addictive and I find there just isn't enough hours in the day to do everything I want.  I am constantly thinking of new ideas and writing/sketching them out.  I have notebooks full of ideas. :)


Working and collaborating with business owners that are motivated, talented and brilliant, push me every day to do better and to be better.


I love what I do and am humbled everyday when a new customer comes through my shop and I get to help in branding their dream, their futures.  How cool is that?


It's your business, your brain child, your voice - it needs a pretty place on the internet and in your world to call home.


                             What can I make for you?

These two keep me company while I design.  Rocky and Sampson. :)

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