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"Why does my new Watermark/Logo have a white box around it?"


I get asked this question a lot! :)


There's nothing wrong with your new Watermark or Logo, it's how you have saved it and/or how you are placing it on  your photos/documents.


Your Logo and Watermark are sent to you in 4 formats.  The files ending in PDF and JPG have a solid white background.  You want to be sure you are using the two other files that end in "PNG".  These files have a transparent background and are the proper files to be using.


Please be sure you have saved the files that I have sent to you in the same format that I send them to you in.  Also, do not save them using a mobile device.  This can cause issues with saving the files in their proper formats and this may be why you have the dreaded white box around your image.



If you are still having challenges or have questions...just ask me, I am always happy to help!






When you purchase a Logo or Custom Graphic of any kind from MLA Designs, you are allowing the use of the items created for you in marketing and advertisements.


Please note:  No personal information will be displayed if it includes phone numbers or physical addresses.  Names, Websites and Social Media information may be shared.


You are paying for the creative services and time spent designing these items and fulfilling the requests of customization.  All images and fonts used in the design process were purchased for commercial use, created by me or are free and these items are not licensed products.


MLA Designs does not sell or claim ownership over these images, graphics, characters or fonts; they belong to their respective copyright owners.


Commerical use of products (example: taking a graphic image purchased from MLA Designs and placing it on fabric or wallpaper to resell) is strictly prohibited unless agreement and purchase of license has been made.


Premade Logos and Graphic Designs are resold.  You can be the last to purchase your particular design by purchasing the "Retire My Logo/Design" option.


MLA Designs reserves the right to use the basic design of any logo created as a Custom Logo Order and resell that specific design unless you purchase the "Retire My Logo/Design option along side of your custom graphic.  If you chose this option, the logo and/or design will never be used or sold again from MLA Designs.


MLA Designs reserves the right to sell any concept or sample that was not selected as the final logo for your business.





Use my designs to print at home or through professional printing sources for your own personal and business  use.


Use your logo in Business Card Design, Stationary, Website Graphics, Advertising, printing on your clothing items, Stickers, Mugs, Mouse Pads, Banners, Signs, etc.  This is your logo, please use it anyway you desire to brand your business.




Art Prints may be purchased and given as gifts, but you may not reproduce them and sell them for profit or provide them as freebies.


Commercial use of any kind, small or large, is strictly prohibited.


You may not resell my product in any way, shape or form to anyone.

You may not redistribute my product.

You may not tamper with my product or degrade it.

You may not take my work and pass it off as your own.

You may not crop out designs on anything of mine and put it on yours.

You may not share my digital files/designs with anyone.







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